About Us

People around the world know that when the phone rings, the ownage begins:

With an unlimited arsenal drawn from what could only be described as a twisted cultural melting pot, one prankster is on a mission to stir up comedic mayhem.

What began as a hobby in 2004 has evolved into something far greater than he ever anticipated: Random prank calls grew into small live shows. Those shows were viewed by hundreds, then thousands and now he's continually growing to exceed 4 million subscribers on YouTube with people listening in around the world.

Known for his quick wit and variety of character voices, his ability to keep his marks on the phone for extended periods as he subjects them to mind-bending pranks is the very thing that has elevated him to become the world's most well-known prank caller.

He may have a silver tongue with prank calls but it's not cruelty that drives him. His love for comedy and the power of laughter provides the spark that keeps us sane and happy. Ownage Pranks all about using prank calls, animated prank cartoons and even street pranks to give every follower their daily dose of laughs.

Ranked among the top 50 comedians on YouTube worldwide, he is a firm believer that everyone has a little prankster in them.